Music : Dr Jeffrey Thompson

Steven Halperin

Meditation: Andrew Weil 8 meditations for optimum health a beginner guided meditation themes on body awareness and health

Apps for meditation: Headspace.



An original piece of music featured by BBC created with sleep as a theme : Max Richter From Sleep.

A relaxation tool:  Bed of Nails.

A website and system for binaural beats/ meditation/ relaxation/listening : Centerpointe/Holosync

Atmospheres by Deuter.

10 Great Yoga YouTube Channels for Free Yoga Videos
Top 30 Meditation Apps

A Free Guided Meditation

The AICT Mindfulness Page (with many free meditations)

Music for Yoga Nidra

Beautiful Ambient Space Music | Part 9

Mike Oldfield Complete concert at Horse Guards Parade, London 1998.